Monday, October 18, 2010

Track Workout - 9/13/10 - ?? ??

I had some Garmin issues during the track run, I have no idea how far or how fast or how long I ran.   I know it was at least 3 miles, I'm pretty sure it was about 5.  Oh well!

This was my first workout at the "new" track, we'd been running at the local community college but have moved to a high school for the remainder of the training (only two more track runs left).  Somehow it seems smaller even though it's certainly not and it's much softer and newer, the college track has some cracks and bumps and one section is right under oak trees which are dropping acorns like crazy.  This one doesn't have great lighting but it's much better.

So other than track conditions not much to report.  I ran mostly with Ameenah, she's thinking about dropping out or deferring.  I think she should just go for it, she's SO CLOSE, and really if I couldn't make it this year I doubt I'd ever do this training again and I think she feels the same way.  Neither of us love running at the moment, we're beat mentally and physically but I know I have enough left for the next two weeks.  She's not so sure but I'd be really bummed if she didn't make it to race day. 

I feel like I ran some pretty fast laps like we were supposed to, but I really have no idea.  Sometimes it's nice just to run by feel anyway, it's a much more enjoyable experience and one I hope to get back to after the race is over.

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