Thursday, August 5, 2010

Track Workout - 8/4/10 5.29 miles 01:05

And... there's August.  It was HOT last night, hotter than any of our previous runs and you know how much I complained about them!  Heat index of at least 100 degrees, today there's a heat warning so running would have been cancelled.  One of the guys who's been doing this for over 10 years said it was by far the hottest he'd run in with the group.

Very few people showed up last night, likely because of the heat.  It wasn't until a little after 6:30 that anyone near my pace arrived, I was worried that I'd have to bring up the rear all by myself.  But coach Carol arrived and saved the day, she's been the one coach who will always stick by me no matter how hard a time I'm having.  She's been on vacation for a few weeks so I was really glad to see her again!

The workout changed from something like 4x1600s to 6x800s to "whatever" due to the weather.  I did the warm-up around campus then 5 of the 6 sets before I headed home.  I really wanted to get home a little early, ice down, and get more of my cleaning done before vacation on Sunday.  I did get home and ice but that was about it.  I was also given an early birthday present of customized chocolate (my favorite is the sea salt, pop rocks and vegetarian bacon Bo made) which totally made my night.

We did our 800s under a 12 minute pace, took it easy on the recovery laps and stopped to drench ourselves with the hose once or twice.  I was starting to feel a little unusually sore by the last lap, since I'm running the long run on Saturday this week I wanted to save a little more energy so I ditched the last .75 miles.  I don't feel too bad about it, I kicked some pretty good butt for the 5.29 miles I was out there anyway. 

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