Thursday, July 15, 2010

Track Workout - 7/14/10 5.33 miles 01:10

I'm back!  Glad to make my first group run in over two weeks, unfortunately I'll miss this weekend's long run since they moved it to Saturday and my parents are visiting that day.  Perhaps for the better since I don't know if my legs could (or should) handle the entire 16 miles.  Bo and I will run Sunday.

This was my second run since seeing the doctor and so far, so good.  Sunday I ran with Bo, just four miles, and was surprised at how little pain I had (and at what a beast he is, he just took off and left me in the dust on the way back).  I wore my Mizuno Inspires and a cheap compression wrap and while the ankle was a little sore afterward 20 minutes of ice and elevation did the trick.  Ankle was fine but my legs were sore for two days, the trail really is all uphill on the way back!

Since I'm supposed to stay away from big hills and uneven surfaces I figured the track was a great place to be so I went with the group last night.  I have some running buddies there who like to keep a nice slow pace so with them to keep me in check we took it very easy, total time includes a .5 mile walking cool-down at the end (instead of a lap around the college campus over cracked sidewalks).  Average running pace was closer to 13 minutes which I'm good with for now since the last thing I want to do is aggravate this tendon any more.  I think we've formed our own 2-person pace group, 12:30 is a bit too fast right now and the 13 group usually runs closer to 14s or 15s.

Running in the Mizunos is going well but I think I need a wider pair since my toenails were pretty sore last night.  Probably not urgent quite yet so I'm debating whether to just order the same in a wider size or get fitted and see if there's an even better pair out there.  I guess I'll wait until after Sunday's long run to decide, if I lose any toenails I'll buy a new pair right away.

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