Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Trail Run - 7/18/10 - 10 miles 02:09:17

I couldn't make the group run but I did run on a trail early on a Sunday morning so I say it counts!  Saturday was a long day - Bo and I got up early and did 4 miles together at Lake Needwood, then spent the rest of the day with my parents.  One baseball game and slice of cheesecake later we didn't get back home until midnight.  And yet we still managed to get up at 5:15 on Sunday morning to get our long runs in.

We started by going out 2.5 miles from Ken-Gar, Bo's run was going to be 5 miles total.  Still taking it easy I did the first 5 miles in 1:05:23, Bo finished before me but by how much I don't know.  We usually stay together until there are hills at which point I slow down but he just blasts over them like they're not even there.  Ridiculous!

We got back to the parking lot where I had another Gu, refilled my water bottles, put an arch support in my right shoe and headed north.  North is a bit hillier so while I didn't hit any of the real killers on the 2 miles I went out my miles were a bit slower.  I also got stung or bitten on the butt about .6 miles in so I ran the rest of the way with an itchy, owwy butt. I stopped at each water fountain, not wanting to miss a chance to fill up, and for a red light or two but other than that I didn't take any walk breaks.  I only went out two miles so I ran around the parking lot area a few times to get that last mile in when I got back.  I saw a little trail offshoot that said ".2 miles to Plyers Mill Road" so I figured I'd take that to get a little more distance in.  That stupid path went STRAIGHT UP for those .2 miles.  I actually walked up it and jogged back down but it was so steep that coming down was pretty unnerving.  Another lap around the parking lot area and there I was at the end of my first double-digit run in two weeks. 

I thought my ankle would hurt, it didn't.  At all.  My legs are fine too, not nearly as stiff as they were after my 4 miler last weekend.  My right arch, though, has been sore since Sunday.  Maybe if I'd used the arch support from the beginning I would have been okay, I usually only run with one on the left foot since I've hard arch problems there before.    I need to find a pair or shoes, or shoes with inserts, that will fix both the tendon and arch problems.  I think I'll take my shoes and myself to another running store tonight for more expert advice before our track workout tomorrow.  So, except for that minor glitch, I'm back and in good shape!

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