Thursday, July 29, 2010

Track Workout - 7/28/10 5.15 miles 01:07

I don't have Garmin data for this one, looks like I must have stopped my watch at some point and forgotten to start it so I'm just going off of what my buddy's Garmin said.  We also did another .5 miles of cool down (walking) laps that we didn't count.

Before I left work for the track last night I seriously considered not going.  Not because I didn't want to run 5 or 6 miles but because I didn't want to do it there.  I guess every week, despite putting it in writing, I forget how much it sucked the week before.  Since I'm not really doing the speedwork as scheduled I thought maybe I should just skip these track workouts and go run on a trail myself.  By yesterday evening I figured I likely wouldn't get back off my butt if I went home instead so I dragged myself to the track.  If nothing else at least there are plenty of cheerleaders and buddies there to keep me moving.

Despite being one of the cooler days in recent history it was still over 90 degrees at 6:30 last night.  I felt... okay.  I was tired, as usual, and slow but really all in all I felt fine.  My legs were a bit heavy as always in the evening and for a brief time I had a hard time catching a good, full, deep breath but that's par for the course on a hot, humid evening.  We received the speedwork instructions followed by "and if you don't want to do that just do 16 laps however you feel like doing them."  Sign me up for that!  If I had some good data I'd probably find that we actually did most of the laps at a pretty good clip, I know I did two on my own around an 11-11:15 pace.  The total time includes walking two or three recovery laps. 

I guess I'm glad I went, and I'm sure I'll have the same conversation with myself every Wednesday for the next few months  And I'm sure I'll keep going to the track.

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