Thursday, September 16, 2010

Track Workout - 9/15/10 - 5.29 miles 01:09:51

I had a good feeling about the workout when I got up in the morning, I had a new pair of CW-X Performx tights to test out and the weather seemed pretty cool which usually bodes well for a good run.  I hit the bathroom at work to squeeze into my tights around 5:15, leaving plenty of room because it seriously takes forever to get those things on.  They made all kinds of squeaky noises as I wriggled and pulled and pushed and shoved but they fit well and are quite comfortable.  Perhaps a little overkill for someone as slow as I am but I'll take all the help I can get.

It was warmer than I expected at 6:30 but not humid, I don't think I sweated on my new tights at all (which get a big thumbs up, love 'em).  Because our group is so large and school is back in session they led the group on a warm up lap around the neighborhood instead of through the campus but I chose to just hang out on the track instead with a recovering runner and my dear friend Hengameh.  We've all got some kind of minor injury so we walked one lap then ran four for the warm-up at a reasonable warm-up pace (not the speedy mile we usually end up doing with the group, I much preferred this).  The on to the workout of 4x1200 40-60 seconds faster than LSD pace with a recovery lap in between each set.  We walked the recovery laps as I tend to do and we ran at a good clip for the 1200s.

The inside of my right ankle hurts like hell, worse when I stopped moving to take a drink of water so I suppose the solution is to never stop moving.  It's moderately sore and swollen now, a bit stiff, but not really painful when sitting or walking.  It didn't slow me down or affect my gait so I'm trying to just baby it and not worry about it too much until after Sunday's half marathon.  Just 44 days until Marine Corps, no way I'm stopping now!

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