Thursday, September 2, 2010

Track Workout - 9/1/10 - 5ish miles, maybe?

Like Andy said last night, it shouldn't be 93 degrees at 6:30PM in September.  And yet it was.  But the air quality had gone down from a code red to a code orange so the track workout went ahead as planned. 

The workout was to be "the ladder," which I don't think I'd ever done successfully:
Warm-up around campus
1x400 (recovery lap)
1x800 (recovery lap)
1x1600 (recovery lap)
1x800 (recovery lap)
1x400 (recovery lap)
Cool down around campus (yeah, I skip this on hot days)
All but the recovery laps to be done 40-60 seconds faster than LSD pace.

It wasn't humid but it was pretty hot so we planned to take it relatively easy to begin with.  Ameenah and I ran our first two sets together, walking the recovery laps, before her asthma kicked in.  She could have gone home, but she didn't.  She hung around and walked laps because she's THAT bad ass.  I ran the rest with a new buddy, Emily.  All three of us had forgotten our Garmins and didn't even have watches so we didn't know how fast we were going but we knew it was uncomfortable and not something we could sustain for more than a mile so we figured that was pretty good!  I really felt like we were pushing it, and things always feel a little harder when it's hot out but I just know, physically and mentally, we kicked ass.  

I went in doing my best to feel positive about it, knowing that I'd do my best with the weather and no matter what happened I wouldn't feel upset or discouraged.  And I did SO MUCH better than expected, it wasn't exactly a repeat of last week's track run but it was as close as it was going to get given the circumstances.  Glad to be able to put another solid run on the books.

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