Thursday, September 23, 2010

Track Workout - 9/22/10 - 2.75 miles 30:00

Good thing this weekend was nice and cool because it certainly wasn't last night!  Temperature was back up to 90 and it was terribly humid.  Not a whole lot to report as we got rained out less than halfway through our workout.  We're pretty tough, we'll run in showers and downpours but we won't run in thunderstorms.

I forgot to start my watch for the warmup lap so I'm guessing at total time here, I think it's pretty accurate though.  We didn't get a whole lot of mileage in but what we did do was pretty fast so at least they were quality miles!  I'll have to make up the mileage and turn tomorrow's planned 5 miler into a 10 or so.  It's supposed to be even hotter tomorrow but hopefully it won't be too bad in the morning.

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