Thursday, September 30, 2010

Track workout - 9/30/10 6.93 miles 01:16

Woo!  What a workout.  I wasn't sure how it would go, I did a wee bit of strength training on Monday night and my legs were still sore, tired and heavy.  The weather was cool, though, and I'd just give it my best.  According to the coaches this is the time when a lot of us come down with various aches and pains and need to remember that getting the miles in without hurting yourself is the most important thing so if you can't quite handle the speedwork don't sweat it.  The workout we received was:
2 x 1600 [30-60 seconds faster than LSD pace] recovery lap between each 1600.
2 x 1600 [30-90 seconds faster than LSD pace]

With a warm-up and cool-down, or just all the laps at LSD pace.   Somehow we got ourselves all confused and ended up not doing any recovery laps, just breaking for water every mile.  I was running with Kathy and Eugene, they're usually a bit ahead of me but they were the only other members of the 12-12:30 group there so I'm glad they let me tag along.  They always look so much faster that I figured I'd never be able to keep up but I hung with them the entire time, by the end of each mile I definitely needed the break but without them I never would have pushed myself so hard.  I knew we were moving at a pretty good clip but I didn't expect to end up with an average pace of 11:00, including the warm-up and cool-down.  Because I am quite proud of this one I will even share the splits:
Summary 1:15:56 6.93
1 0:11:09 1
2 0:10:33 1
3 0:10:31 1
4 0:10:32 1
5 0:10:47 1
6 0:11:16 1
7 0:11:08 0.93


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