Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fifth Track Workout - 6/9/10 - 6.31 miles 01:16:36

The plan for this workout was alternating laps - one at LSD (long slow distance or marathon pace) and one 15 or so seconds faster.  After the customary speedy warm-up lap we met up with 12:30 pace leader Steve.  And Steve took OFF.  I know we tend to go a little fast but even I knew it was completely ridiculous as he flew past several other faster groups.  How does that make any sense?  Even on our faster laps he shouldn't have passed anyone.  I had to decide whether to bust my ass keeping up or say screw it and run the pace I was supposed to be running.  Had two of my good buddies not been there I probably would have tried to go with the group, instead we formed our own little actual 12:30 team.

We stuck with each other the entire time, one of the girls usually runs 14 minute miles so the 12:30 is a stretch for her but she's a trooper and kept with us as we cheered her own.  We kept the right pace, maybe a little faster, and it was the best track workout yet.  I didn't feel tired or discouraged, I felt strong and happy at the end.  Go team!  We learned from another runner that our leader had done the first few laps at 10:10, good thing we hung back because that's nuts.

In the parking lot Coach Angy caught up with me and asked me if I was going to quit on him, he said he'd overheard me telling someone "this sucks and I want to quit."  I'm sure I said that and asked him if he ever felt that way to which he replied "every day."  Well then.  We talked about my solo runs and he chastised me for going too fast on my own (only time that'll happen I'm sure), the next day the entire group got an email about slowing down.  Busted!  He said we'd never get in trouble for running too slow and confirmed what we'd been telling him which was that the 12:30 group had been running faster than 12:30s.  I felt much better hearing him admit it and knowing those of us who were struggling aren't nuts.  I left sweaty and wet (thanks to a brief drizzle) but most of all very happy.

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