Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fourth Trail Run - 5/30/10 - 9 miles 01:50:20

Whew!  Another hot one and humid day, we gathered around 7AM and we were drenched before we'd even started.  We headed north from this time and took what the Matthew Henson Trail.  It's interesting, it winds across some streets and through some neighborhoods before heading back into the park.  It appears to be a newer trail so it was in really good shape but unfortunately there wasn't as much tree cover as the other paths we've taken.  I was mighty glad to have covered myself in SPF50 to give myself some protection though I'm sure I could have used more of it.  I don't tend to burn but I'm still not a fan of the sun, given that I have some expensive investments to protect from the elements.

It's interesting how close things are if you can travel between them in a relatively straight line.  We started the run down near my in-laws' house and ended up out near where Bo and I lived in our condo.  It's a drive I've made a million times and I never realized that the two locations were really so close together.  It's always neat to pop out of the woods into civilization and say "Oh, I know where we are!"  Also helpful if you get separated from the group and need to find your way home or call for a ride to pick you up.

Despite the heat and gentle rolling hills I felt good during this one and finished with the front of our pack.  The coach turned and asked me how this run compared to the previous track workout that I hated so much and I replied "You bet your ass this is easier than Wednesday's run."  I am now known as the "you bet your ass girl" and every run he asks for an ass status.  Hey, whatever gets you noticed I guess.

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