Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fifth Trail Run - 6/5/10 - 10 miles 02:04:35

First double-digit run, ever!  Being at the park at 7AM means being up around 5:30 to have time to grab breakfast and let it settle before the run, I'm lucky I make it to the park awake let alone with enough energy for a run.  I try to get there early enough to down a gel in the car, wash it down with some water and hit the portapotty before we set out.  Soon we're switching to 6:30AM runs when it'll be a little cooler, this was another morning where I wished we'd been out at 5AM, tired or not, because it was ridiculously hot and humid by 7.

Regardless of the crappy weather and complete lack of desire to be on the road I hit the trail strong.  None of my usual running buddies were there so I eavesdropped on other conversations to keep myself occupied.  Coach Carol picked me up around mile 4 or so and hung with me throughout the rest of the run.  I'm not much of a talker so she chatted the entire time while I smiled, nod, listened and learned about nutrition and meditation.  And it's a good thing she stuck with me, around mile 8.2 I started getting tired.  I had Nuun tablets in my water but had neglected to bring any extra calories (I thought I had an extra vanilla bean Gu in the car but I didn't) which I think was a mistake.  We'd been separated from the pack by now, not because we were especially slow but because we'd been caught at a few lights that the others made.  It was just Carol and I, around mile 9.35 I really started dragging.  My thighs hurt, which has never happened, and I was just beat.  I knew we were so close and we took a few walk breaks of 5-10 steps so we could finish relatively strong.  Even still our average pace was dead on target.

We hit the mile marker that signaled the end and a dear coworker greeted us with cups of orange juice.  Yay calories!  I immediately felt hot and dizzy, my vision was blurry and things were spinning.  I wandered to the car and sat in the air conditioning for a few minutes while chugging juice and water and I felt better pretty quickly.  I made a note to fuel better on the next run and patted myself on the back for running 10 freakin' miles.

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