Monday, June 7, 2010

Second Trail Run - 5/16/10 - 8 miles - 01:37:24

Our first 8 miler, we were supposed to head north on the trail but the decision was made to head south again for which, apparently, "we'd be thankful" when we discovered what north looked like.  So the route wasn't new or interesting other than that we tacked on another .5 miles on the way out.  It's still a really nice trail though, not dirt but asphalt through the woods.  We take walk breaks every once in a while to drink or refill water bottles, and sometimes stop for cars as we cross a road but for the most part we keep moving.  Our group seems to be on the move more than others who we occasionally pass while they're standing around for their water breaks.  I think the pace leaders just want to get it over with and get us back to the OJ and bananas as soon as possible.

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