Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Second Track Workout - 5/19/10 - 5.39 miles 01:06:40

Since there was an event at the track we got to take a nice stroll along the Millennium Trail instead.    The word "trail" invokes images of, if not dirt and rock strewn paths, at least some sort of natural surrounding.  You don't get that on the Millennium Trail, it's really just a sidewalk on busy streets and even passes over 270.  It's a nice wide sidewalk but "trail" seems a bit ambitious, maybe it goes somewhere really awesome but we didn't find it.  We had a nice run though, pretty uneventful until we got back to the college campus.

I would like to think there was an uneven section of pavement but it's just as likely that I tripped over my own feet and sent myself on a nice little journey to the pavement.  My palms were a little scraped up but my right knee took the worst of it and I'm still sporting a nice souvenir from the trip:

Nice, huh?  As soon as I landed other members of the group started screaming "RUNNER DOWN" like I'd been hit by a sniper.  It wasn't a big deal, we were probably 5 miles into the 5.4 mile run so I gathered myself up and kept going.  The only advice of my coach was "if you do that during the marathon, get up faster."  Wise words indeed. 

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