Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fourth Track Workout - 6/2/10 - 6.23 miles 01:16:12

The pace for this workout was a little better (read: slower) than the previous week by about 20 seconds/mile.  Doesn't sound like a lot but on a hot evening when you're already tired from a long day at work I think it really makes a difference.

I still think I do the warm-ups too fast which does ruin some of my momentum but I had no problems keeping up with the group this time around.  Toward the end the "ass check" confirmed that this run was not as nice as Sunday's but much better than the previous Wednesday's. 

An uneventful but relatively enjoyable 6.23 miles down.  I still can't believe I'm at the point where 6 miles is no longer a long run!  Back in July I could barely make a minute straight, now I'm doing over an hour on a regular basis.  Rock on.

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